Be Our Associates

We welcome qualified professional partners from different disciplines and markets to alliance with us. We have designed two schemes for our selective professional partners.

The Introductory Scheme
Brand Alliance recognizes and values the importance of referrals. The Introductory Scheme is designed to reward associates (selective professional partners) who refer their contacts to the branding services and products of Brand Alliance. To find out more,
contact us
The Servicing Scheme (for un-serviced markets only)
In this increasingly borderless world we are building, where thousands of business transaction are done virtually everyday, Brand Alliance continues to believe in the value of good client servicing. Relationships are built on trust, and are not easily replaceable since trust takes time to build. Brand Alliance recognizes the goodwill and mutual benefits that could be generated out of tapping into its associates’ existing business relationships. The Servicing Scheme is designed to reward associates who recommend and service their contacts on behalf of Brand Alliance. To find out more contact us