Art Project, Supported by Brand Alliance

We appreciate art and the beautiful things around us that inspire us in our work daily. That’s why we have started this project to play a part in support the cultivation of art and talent.

Our Creative Sources – Young Talents
We support young budding talents and have started a project to celebrate them.

We believe in the immense talents around us, young or old. It’s never too early to contribute back to society. See a different perspective through the eyes of our various artists.

By becoming our feature artist, you get to both showcase your artworks and also give back to our selected charity of case.*
By supporting our cause as a art buyer, you get more than a beautiful piece of art.

Enough said, Cick here to view more.

Our Creative Sources – A Flair to Art
Why be a closet artist when you can be doing something more, ie. showcase your art expressions and at the same time, give back to society.

People are varied and interesting and we learn so much each other everyday.

Join us and make a difference to the world today.

* We pledge 50% of all proceeds to Singapore Cancer Society, 40% artist, 10% for administrative cost.